1.5 credits. Maximum 15 students. Semester course; offered both semesters. PREREQUISITE: Adventure I and teacher permission

Adventure II

Students electing this course will participate in challenges based on trust and group cohesiveness. A progression of team building activities will prepare students to climb the high ropes of the outdoor Project Adventure course. The emphasis will be on developing climbing teams. Experiential learning will include safety procedures, rappelling, prusik climbing, and dynamic and static belay. The major portion of instruction will be on the outdoor course, weather permitting. Inside work may include designing and teaching challenge initiatives, learning facilitation skills, and personal reflection. Additional climbing may take place on the indoor rock wall. This is not considered an aerobic activity but one that requires average physical capabilities. Students are required to climb and be responsible for belaying other team members. 
Wellesley has a strong history in Project Adventure. Wellesley High School has had one of the premier courses in the area since the 1970's.


The course aims to increase students' personal confidence, through increased mutual support within the group.

Students benefit from an increased level of agility, strength, and physical coordination.

In all Project Adventure activities, students are engaged in "challenge by choice" where no coercion is involved. A reasonable willingness to try is a criterion for success, and the actual mastering of a particular feat is not as important as the attempt itself.

"My experience in adventure was extremely positive because I was able to use the support of my classmates and teacher to face my fear of heights and was able to climb the main structure! I was surprised by how much fun it really was."

-Chloe Troxell, 2018


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