1.5 credits. Semester course; offered both semesters.

Fitness Center Workout

This course is designed for the motivated student who is interested in making a difference in their fitness level. A personal fitness plan will be designed with input from the instructor and closely monitored for progress. Students should plan to workout vigorously for the entire class period. Fitness plans will be customized for each student’s short- and long-term goals, i.e., weight management, overall conditioning for health, sports specific training, muscle strength and conditioning, or increasing cardiovascular endurance.


Participation in this course requires students to have a desire to improve their personal fitness. Students assess their individual level of fitness, learn the components of a fitness plan, design a comprehensive exercise plan and follow a work-out regimen for the semester. Goal setting and strategies for achieving success are monitored by the student and the instructor.

Initial classes require whole group instruction as the concepts, planning, and design are introduced. As the plans are being developed and work-outs begin, the instructors work with students on an individual basis. During work-out classes students have the ability to access various stations individually.

Students complete a personal fitness assessment which is then used to monitor progress and achievement of goals. Working with the instructor, students identify personal fitness goals relative to their current fitness level. Students then design a comprehensive plan which incorporates the fitness concepts, nutrition aspects, and means to chart progress. Students demonstrate improvement in their individual fitness level and success in achieving their goals.


Students are taught muscle specific exercises to target different muscle groups. Detailed instruction by muscle group is important for development and flexibility.

Students utilize equipment to enhance cardiovascular health through interval training, speed training, circuit training, and long slow distance work.

Sports specific training may be incorporated into the individual plans as a secondary goal to overall fitness.


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