1.5 credits. Semester course; offered both semesters.

Sports Education

Using a variety of team sports, students will practice skill improvement, learn the history of sport, develop strategies for successful game play, develop coaching skills, rules interpretation, and the basics of officiating. Activity sessions include officiating, coaching, organization, game play, strategies, team building, sportsmanship, sports literacy and sports-specific fitness training. Students will gain an understanding of the roles associated with being a member of a sports program in all associated roles: player, coach, official, and statistician. 

Students involved in this course learn how they can improve their fitness through participation in racket sports. The class focuses on rules, history, and basic advanced skills instruction, which enables students to play Tennis, Racquetball, pickle ball, squash, badminton, speedball, and more. Students have the opportunity to appreciate the similarities and differences of the various traditional sports, and relate that knowledge to their personal fitness interests.


Students are expected to be prepared for active participation in class which includes dressing accordingly. The instructional format of the class varies.

Student teaching assistants develop coaching skills, and help lead stretches and officiate team sports.

Team sports, such as Speed Ball, build hand-eye coordination, heighten teamwork skills, improve overall fitness—and they are fun!

"Sports Education has become one of my favorite classes! It is nice to break up the school day to be active and play sports with your friends outside."
-Ryan Carroll, 2018


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